Rent BMW in Dubai

Rent BMW 7 series in Dubai
$ 300
7 series
  • Price $ 300
  • Brand BMW
  • Year 2017
  • Engine V8
  • Gearbox Automatic
  • Drive RWD
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Rent BMW in Dubai

Bright sun of the Middle East. Mysterious and recalcitrant desert. Rocky mountain. Warm sea with its rich underworld.

Eastern fairy tale invites everyone to enjoy its greatness, beauty and luxury. It attracts people with its hospitality and a chance to achieve a success.

The UAE surprise with its harmonious symbiosis of cultural traditions and dynamic modernity. Dubai is the capital of steadily growing financial business. Despite of the high development Emirates are well known with its issues in logistics and difficulties in reaching point B from point A by public transport.

Dubai is recognized with a high cost of living and a luxury car buying is not affordable for everyone. Moreover, the cost of obtaining a local driving license is also high.

There are many car rental companies in the UAE. You may find any car for rent: luxury, sport, business cars, limos, SUVs and other models and for any budget.

Famous Rent a Car is a luxury car rental company in Dubai, which offers one of the best prices and flexible terms for a hire. The fleet is well maintained and served with high level of standards.

BMW rent if Dubai is a perfect, affordable, temporary and long-term solution for those who wants to travel around Emirates with safety, comfort and luxury. BMW 7 is well known by its increased salon space for the additional comfort. The four-zone climate control creates a temperature regime which satisfies the most demanding passengers while driving in the hot sun along the central highway and the catwalks of the city.

The light day is quite short in the UAE and early darkness may cause discomfort for the driver and for the passenger. BMW night vision system supports during dark hours and creates non-hazard driving.

BMW hire in Dubai is a guarantee of your comfort, safety, power and prestige. A luxury car is well recognized by its sharp lines and elegant surfaces, which are balanced in a perfect proportion which cannot be confused with anything. Arriving in a business car for the meeting is a strong statement for sure.

You may rent a car in Dubai for a day, for a weekend or for a longer period.

BMW hire with chauffeur service is to be provided upon additional request.

Driving rules in the UAE

It is mandatory to follow the speed limit everywhere in the UAE^ on highways, internal streets, and residential areas. Talking on the cell phone is strictly prohibited. Never drive a car under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any illegal medicines. This will lead to a serious punishment stated by the court.

Also never forget to fasten your seat belt. Drive only on a green light. Do not allow children under 10 years old to sit in the front seat of a vehicle.

Hire a business car in Dubai: a to-do list

Check your driving license. It must be international and valid for the whole period of the renting. Choose your car. Book your call by the phone or online. Take you car. Enjoy.